You may be wondering who we are, and why you haven't heard of us before, but below you will find out everything you need to know about us. 
Established in 2017, Auto Perfectionist opened its doors in South Yorkshire selling car enthusiasts and detailers, like yourself, the products they needed.
We stocked a wide variety of products from lots of different brands, some of which still remain on our website. But this wasn't what we wanted to do.
We wanted to create a range of car detailing products that worked for everyone. We wanted to develop a range of products that meant our customers didn't have to pick and choose from a variety of different brands to find the product they wanted. Gone we're the days of choosing a Snow Foam from one brand, and a fallout remover from another, we were confident that all of our products beat our customers expectations and would remove the need to shop around. 
We spent 12 months getting to the point where we were overly impressed with our initial range and ready to launch. We launched an initial range of 20 products and then in August released another 5 products. 
We have received immense feedback from our customers regarding our products, lots of which have left reviews on our website. Feel free to give them a read on the product pages.
We are aware that we are new, and trying something new is both exciting and nerving so we do have a sample range so you can try out our products. You can have a look at the samples here -  SAMPLE RANGE
We hope you have enjoyed finding out some more information about who we are. Feel free to message us on Insta or Facebook if you would like to know anything else :)