Maintenance Wash Kit

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This kit contains everything you need to complete a maintenance wash. 

Citrus Rinse 500ml - RRP £8.99
A gentle pre-wash cleanser. Its citrus based formula de-greases and cleans to effectively remove flies, traffic film and general dirt from paintwork. 

Apple Wash 1L - RRP £11.99A highly concentrated pH neutral shampoo that produces exceptional lubricity and foam, providing safe cleaning when combined with a wash mitt. 

Chenille Wash Mitt - RRP £5.99
Our Chenille Wash Mitt is made from thick microfibre strands that are highly absorbent and will easily remove dirt and contaminants from paintwork. The super soft and thick microfibre strands will trap the dirt, aiding a scratch free contact wash.

Luxury Drying Towel - RRP £13.99
Our Luxury Drying Towel is an extremely high quality towel. Due to its 1000gsm thickness it has huge absorbency properties, making light work of drying any vehicle. The super soft towel and ultra soft hemming massively reduces the chances of inflicting scratches and swirl marks during the drying stage.